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Giggling Bunnies

The Easterween Zombie Bunny. And how to make him.

Posted by rabies on 2007.07.15 at 15:16
This is the bunny I started out with:

The color and fabric of your bunny doesn't matter at all. I started with a blue polyester blend bunny because it was two dollars at the Target after-Easter-sale.

What you will need: Bunny. Scissors. Thread and needle. Vinegar. Food coloring (red, green, yellow). Tea bags. Something to contain the mess in. Rubber gloves.

1. Bunny was soaked overnight in loose tea. Which is to say that I ripped open Liptons tea bags and dumped the contents into boiling hot water, and then put the bunny in. This gave the bunny a lovely dark mottling, and a wonderful smell.

2. Bunny was soaked in vinegar and yellow food coloring. The vinegar was a suggestion I found on the box of food coloring for Easter egg dying. It helps set the color better. This further mottled the bunny and made him smell dead.

3. Used green food coloring to create blotches on the bunny.

4. Let everything dry a couple days.

5. Use green food coloring again to darken certain areas, but not everything. This will continue building the mottled look that zombies often have. What with the flesh dying and all. I also used some red in there, to give more of a bloody look. Let dry.

6. Heat up three or four tea bags and rip them open. Place really hot (the rubber gloves are not only good for keeping this dye off of you, but also keeping you from scalding yourself during this part) tea directly onto the bunny.

7. After the bunny has had another couple days to dry, and make sure that it's dried completely, or it won't work well, brush off the loose tea. Now, some of it will likely stick, but it lends a kind of dirty aura to the bunny, which you might expect from a zombie. As they don't shower.

At this point, you've got a pretty stinky creature on your hands. But this is where the fun comes in. Have handy your red food coloring. You may want to get an extra one, as I used most of two containers of red. It should also be noted that I used all the yellow and all the green to achieve the effects I was going for.

1. Use scissors (I had to also use a utility knife) to make cuts in the bunny where you want him to have been chewed on. I also split the ear, because it was just amusing to me. Remember that zombies go for guts and brains, so make sure to hit these key areas.

2. Pull out stuffing to signify inner bits. Don't pull out too much, or your bunny will go flat.

3. Loosely sew wounds back together. It has an interesting and fun effect, and also makes it so that the bunny doesn't absolutely fall to bits. I left the headwound on my bunny unsewed because it just looked so good after I'd done it.

- for the bunny's headwound, I cut crosswise and then an x and then pulled the stuffing out.

4. Use red food coloring to color wound areas. You'll have to mash the red into the stuffing, because otherwise it just rolls off. But this is okay. The mashing made the stuffing look more like brains and other inner bits when mixed with the red. Don't forget to put red around the wound site as well, because blood doesn't just stay in one place.

5. Use red to make blood on other areas of the bunny. Such as the hands and mouth.

6. Darken bunny's eyes with red and blue food coloring by putting a drop on and spreading it with the food coloring bottle, and then wiping it off a bit with a napkin.

And there. You've made your very own Easterween Zombie Bunny.

The floppy torn ear is just cute to me.

My bunny is a pretty messy eater.

This is my bunny's headwound. As you can see, he was taken unawares.

Just a shot of the whole back of the bunny so you can get an idea of it.

This bunny is not a toy. This bunny is not meant to be handled after it's completion. Not only is this bunny a zombie and could possibly eat your brains if you enrage it, but it may also be made with toxic materials. It could also cause a greatly fantastic mess due to the materials used.


master_cobweb at 2007-07-15 22:56 (UTC) (Link)
Maybe for the next one you could cut one arm open and insert a thick-ish white plastic tube which has a jagged end and have it sticking out like bone.
rabies at 2007-07-15 23:40 (UTC) (Link)
That's not half bad. Though, I know there are some fake bones at the party stores during Halloween, and maybe one of those could be broken. They're super thick, but the power of Andrew may be able to do it.
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